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This might sound familiar

  • Prospects are reluctant to buy

  • Prospects don't trust you

  • It's hard to get in new Leads

Most likely, it is important for you to get customers that fit your avatar. 

Save time the time you would otherwise spend on prospecting and cold acquisition.


No matter if you're a brand new company or have been in the market for a while. When it comes to Sales, Sales Processes, and Customer Acquisition, it's challenging to set yourself apart from the competition.

Competitors might have larger Marketing Budgets or charge less. 

But do they get the customers they want? 

You want to avoid the hassle and pitfalls of dealing with customers that don't fit your requirements. 

Let's save time and energy by just attracting those customers that fit for your offerings.


Let's Talk about B2B Sales at Your Company

Copy that Sells

Optimized toward your target audience

Individual Sales Processes

Tailored to benefit your Business

Website Optimization

More Leads and Customers through Sales Psychology

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Hi! I'm Jan

Nice to meet you!​

I'm from Germany and live in Boston, MA.

In 2010, I started my professional career as a Software Developer, worked in several agencies and customers. 

Over time, I got more and more curious about Customer Acquisition, as well as closing deals. This kind of curiosity brought me into B2B Software Sales, with a Sales Psychology focus.


Boston, MA - United States

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