Beyond Feature Talk

Marketing and Sales in the Software Development World


A Software Development Consultancy struggles to find new leads and getting paid the price they’re asking for.

Somehow other shops always undercut them with lower prices. 

Why is that? 

How can you still compete against shops charging only a fraction of your price? 

As a Developer, I understand the joy of writing code. But it’s not just about writing code anymore. 

The world has changed and it’s time to think bigger.


Does that sound familiar?

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I’m Jan - nice to meet you and great that you are here!

I started my career in Tech in 2010 as a software developer. Over the years, I wrote software for the Windows Platform, Web Backends, and Frontends. In 2017, I transitioned away from writing code every day to support software developers first in customer service, later as a pre-Sales Engineer.

Since my professional career started, I was always customer-facing. Working together with customers and users always fascinated me. To satisfy my curiosity, I sit down with users, learning everything about their work, what they need, and how I can help them.

It’s not just the code that shapes our reality. It’s how you communicate with others about it. I’m working together with organizations to build this skill.


Boston, MA - United States

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