Beyond Feature Talk

What would need to happen in your Software Company to enable steady revenue and growth?

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You are a technical co-founder or CEO in a software company or agency, wondering how to stabilize your business, what it takes to bring in the revenue needed for growth, long-term projects, and investments. Of course, more revenue requires you to sell more. Selling more comes with a few prerequisites:

  • Attention: People need to pay Attention to the problems you can solve for them.

  • Trust: Future Customers need to be sure you will be there and support them long-term.

  • Close Deals: Closing deals requires processes and methods. Both are specific to your business and offerings.

To bring in more revenue, you need a well-working sales process, enabling you to qualify high-quality leads and close them reliably.


Who is your customer?

A product or service will never satisfy all potential customers out there. You solve a specific problem, a problem not everybody has, or not everybody prioritizes highly. What if you only spoke to those customers who value your offering and will be loyal over a long time? It is possible to speak to these kinds of customers only. You can influence which customers to attract to your business by addressing their specific customer motives.


Areas of Expertise

Business Meeting

Sales Strategy

Sustainable Growth

"Just winging it" is not enough these days. You need to have a clear understanding of who your target customer is and where you can reach them. The more effective you can address your customers' motives, the more effective you will be. A tailored sales strategy will bring you sustainable success in your business.


Website Optimization based on Customer Motives

Higher Conversion

Your website is your business card and often the first point of contact for prospects. Therefore, your website needs to address the right motives and deliver results.


Copywriting for Technical Blogs

Get recognized as domain authority

Showcasing your expertise online is a must these days. A well-maintained and active blog is a sure way to acquire more business next to long-established customer acquisition techniques.


Need something custom?


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I’m Jan - nice to meet you and great that you are here!

I started my career in Tech in 2010 as a software developer. Over the years, I wrote software for the Windows Platform, Web Backends, and Frontends. In 2017, I transitioned away from writing code every day to support software developers in customer service, later on as a pre-Sales Engineer.

Since my professional career started, I have been in customer-facing roles. Working together with customers and end-users always fascinated me. To satisfy my curiosity, I sit down with users, learning everything about their work, what they need, and how I can help them.

It’s not just the code that shapes our reality. It’s how you communicate with others about it. I’m working together with organizations to build this skill.

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